The ABS M10

ABS created the award winning next generation hovercraft for law enforcement and commercial operation: The ABS M10.

The M10 is specifically designed to the requirements of the Security market with the input of experienced UK Military consultants. With only 2 common Diesel engines the M10 offers outstanding features and performance with more than 10 tonnes of disposable payload at speeds in excess of 40 knots fully laden. Optimised ducted fans ensure a significant reduction in noise.

Due to its high efficiency, the M10 can offer the extraordinary range of operation of more than 500 NM with its standard fuel tanks only, an essential capability for any security and law enforment agency.

The ABS M10 is the first ever Hovercraft with cost of operation and maintenance even lower then those of conventional displacement patrol vessels, but offering true amphibious capabilities. The M10 is the first ever Hovercraft certified to LR 100A1 full class

Millenium Award

On April 2nd 1998 the announcement was made by the Rt. Hon. Tony Blair, then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on BBC Television of the award to ABS by the Design Council of the British Government, pronouncing the ABS Hovercraft as a Millennium Product.

The ABS M10 Hovercraft fulfills the criteria of the Council in all respects by:

  • advancing new and/or existing technologies
  • challenging existing conventions
  • being environmentally responsible
  • solving key problems
  • showing clear user benefits.



A hydraulically operated bow-ramp is optional

  •  tracked vehicles can be brought on board suitable for landing missions
  • bulky items can be loaded
  • usable as stable plattform for divers



watercooled engines

ABS were the first to introduce water cooled engines (cooled via radiators). Water-cooled engines offer more power than air cooled variants of a similar size and capacity.

This allows better craft performance at high craft operating weights with more demanding sea states and a better and more consistent cooling in tropical conditions.

The ABS M10 is unique in offering a walk-in-engine-room allowing excellent unrestricted access to all machinery from inside the craft, even during operation. 


open well-deck

The optional open well-deck allows for 20ft containers to be loaded. It can be further used for: 


  • loading and unloading via Helicopter by a lifting-winch directly out of the cargo-deck
  • multi-purpose 20ft containers for changing missions
  • vehicles can be loaded
  • cranes can be used to load-deload the craft

    10+ tons disposable payload

    For continuous operations with a multi-role ability, a high disposable load is essential allowing maximum fuel to be carried for patrol while retaining the ability to carry personnel, stores, equipment and even vehicles for search, interception, interdiction and rescue missions as required. 

    The M10 Hovercraft can carry a disposable payload (which includes fuel) of at least 10 tons in a flexible cargo area