Advanced Composites

Composite materials are often referred to as GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastics) or FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastics).

Layers of fabric such as glass, kevlar and/or carbon fibres positioned in a mould are infused with resin and allowed to cure into the required structure. This is known as a laminate. The same method can be used where the laminate is produced on either side of a light weight core material like foam or honeycomb with the result being known as a sandwich structure. Fabrics and resins used are available in a broad variety of mixtures, materials, styles and weaves. With composite materials a broad range of products with a huge spectrum of properties can be manufactured.

With vacuum technologies as used in Aircraft and Space technology composite structures can further be weight optimized, with the resulted parts being often referred to as Advanced Composites which is used in the DONAR and ABS M10 Hovercraft.

Where both, highest performance and reliability are required, Advanced Composites are broadly recognised by experts as the material of choice.



Where Advanced Composites make a winning difference:

Naval ships
Formula 1

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