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image Hovercraft DONAR
DONAR experimental Hovercraft

ABS Hovercraft Ltd. created DONAR, the world`s fastest recreational Hovercraft. Following its research, ABS Hovercraft Ltd. introduced the award winning, seaworthy Hovercraft for amphibious law enforcement and commercial operation: the ABS M10.


The ABS M10 Hovercraft


ABS M10 Hovercraft just completed by US licensee EPS Corp.



The ABS M10 and its derivatives offer a better price/ performance ratio than any conventional fast marine vessel, yet offering true amphibious capability at speeds beyond 40 knots. The ABS M10 new generation hovercraft minimises ecological impact in environmentally sensitive areas without compromising on performance.

The introduction of advanced composite materials is the basis of the spate of innovations all ABS hovercraft offer.


Oil spill response

ABS M10 oil spill combat Hovercraft
ABS M10 oil spill combat Hovercraft

 - high capacity
 - deploy booms
 - distribute equipment
 - reach any beach


Used ABS M10x Hovercraft

M10 Hovercraft for lease
M10x Hovercraft

M10 Hovercraft for lease. Contact us for more information.

Now refurbished and available for lease.

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