ABS M10 for Swedish Amphibious Forces

image Hovercraft ABS M10 on ice
Hovercraft operation on the Baltic ice

Following Baltic trials of the first ABS M10 prototype over 800 nautical miles the Swedish coastal artillery issued a tender for advanced composite hovercraft Sweden is an experienced hovercraft user of both aluminium and composite structures). In conjunction with Kockums AB, ABS won the international tender and sold a license for the construction of the first ABS M10X to the Swedish yard. The craft, powered by Scania engines, has a central wheel house that can be lifted to accommodate a Haeggelund tracked APC plus troops and/or cranage for portable radar installations that require repositioning during the winter months when fjords are frozen.



image Hovercraft ABS M10 in Sweden on Baltic sea
The ABS M-10X Hovercraft in the Baltics.

Built by licensed manufacturer Kockums AB, the ABS M10X has out performed all expectations. 63 knots have been achieved on flat ice. Swedish forces have always been particularly concerned about how punctures on an aluminium craft transversing over folder ice in the Baltics. They rely on the most rigid hull fully made from carbon fibre.




The M10 is the first ever Hovercraft that completely circumnavigated the Baltics.


image Hovercraft ABS M10 landing in Sweden
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