ABS M10 Oil-spill combat Hovercraft

image Hovercraft ABS M10
ABS M10 oil-spill combat Hovercraft

In case of an oil-spill desaster Hovercraft are the ideal vessels to deploy booms to capture and scim the oil off the surface.

Hovercraft can reach unmade beaches, mudflats and areas, that are not accessible by conventional vehicles.

With a payload capacity of 10 tons of disposable load the ABS M10 has sufficient capacity for bulky devices, equipment and staff for an effective mission to clean up beaches or deploy booms to fence the oil and prevent it from hitting tidal beaches.

typical operators:

  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Environmental protection agencies
  • Navies, Marines
  • corporations

typical missions:

  • deploy booms
  • rescue effected lifestock
  • collect debris and oil slick
  • deliver equipment to unmade beaches
  • logistic supply
  • observation of coastline
  • command and control ...


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