Intense testing of DONAR ...

image Hovercraft DONAR on cushion
  • ...showed numerous advantages of introducing Advanced Composite over any historic material like Aluminium for the entire life-cycle of a Hovercraft. Only the introduction of Advanced Composite material make high performance Hovercrafts possible.
  • ...showed, the 8m DONAR Hovercraft performs best in moderate sea conditions, on inland waterways, channels and lakes. Seaworthyness as a function of size asks for Hovercrafts of bigger dimensions.

Supported by the wealth of experience gained during the DONAR project, ABS took the decision to significantly invest into the design, development and production of a new generation, fully seagoing, 20m Military Hovercraft, the award winning ABS M-10, the first Hovercraft of its kind that is fully made from Advanced Composites.


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